General Privacy Policy:

This privacy policy governs disclosure and use of personal information of our prestigious clients. It also outlines how users can access the required information. It will be applicable on the assumption that:

➣ You have provided all required information marked obligatory on the application forms.
➣ You warrant that all information given to us is true, complete and up-to-date to the best of your knowledge.

We require Information::

We require following personal information from our clients:

⦁ Name
⦁ Address
⦁ Email ID
⦁ Telephone/Mobile No
⦁ Username and Password
⦁ Credit Card details if needed.

This information is gathered after your complete participation and knowledge. We may decline to accept your registration with our company if you choose not to provide us needed information. We do not entertain anonymous requests.


Our website uses cookies and can track users’ access automatically without specific knowledge of the user when you use our network. Cookies are based on a web technology and help improve users’ experience when you access our website, but we do not use cookies to record any of your personal information. You can still disable cookies but that may affect functionality and user experience on our website.

Sensitive information:

We do not collect any information that reveals your ethnicity, racial group, religious or philosophical beliefs, political opinions, health and disability details, sexual preferences unless compelled to do so by law of the land. Collected personal information can be used for following:
⦁ For billing purposes
⦁ To administer our network
⦁ For any other purpose where you may reasonably expect that your personal information can be used
⦁ For other purposes as authorized by National Privacy Principles as laid out in 1988 Privacy Act.
Except for the aforementioned, we will employ logical endeavors to avoid any disclosure of your personal information, although aggregated demographical information may be disclosed as long as the information does not identify you or any other individual.

Accessing personal information of users:

You can anytime contact us to request your personal information by emailing our Privacy Officer at Visit Within 14 days, our Privacy Officer shall attend to your request on confidential basis. No fee will be charged for access of the information.

Why we may refuse access to information:

Access to your personal information may be denied:
➣ If providing information may affect privacy of other individuals
➣ If providing access to information may cause threat to health and life of an individual
➣ Denial of access to information is required or authorized by law
➣ If request is vexatious and frivolous
➣ If provision of information is not authorized by National Privacy Principles as laid out in 1988 Privacy Act.

Data Quality:

We will employ all logical endeavors to ensure quality and accuracy of information gathered from you. If personal information that you have provided us at time of registration changes at any time, it is your responsibility to bring it to our attention by email to our Privacy Office at

Security of Data:

We will take all possible measures to ensure that your information is safe and secure. Registration information is only accessible on internet from an internal workstation protected with password. We use Linux-based operating system for our servers updated regularly with latest security updates.
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