Email Marketing

Email marketing is vital for building relationships with current and old customers, prospect buyers and leads.

Email Marketing

In recent times, Email marketing is considered as a great source for advertisement. Almost 92% of internet users prefer emails as a medium of communication. Obviously, you can convey your message fastly to thousands of clients within seconds with a simple click. It suggests a window for trial and improved marketing policies guaranteeing idyllic results through continuous development.

Email Marketing


Email Marketing enables you to directly communicate with your online clients at a time convenient for them. It helps building trust and loyalty in your brand.It offers better conversion rates as the entire procedure is systemized from the viewpoint of consumers in a matter of click.

How it works

Findbusy is one of those companies that always appreciate customer’s thoughts and ideas. It is a hard task for a company to execute the same concept that is demanded by a customer. We always accept this challenge and try our level best to fulfill the client’s mandate. Here is the list of the services that our company offers for email marketing.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Services

Email Template Design & Development

Findbusy also excels in email template designing. Our responsive email prototypes are well suited for all devices and catch the attention of targeted audience. Landing pages are very important for email marketing, so we also create landing pages for our customers too.

Email Marketing

Email Campaigns

It is very important for a company to satisfy its customers. So we take care of our customer’s security and basic requirements. We are very responsive to our customer’s emails and each mail is answered timely. We have secured email servers to manage your email campaigns.


Reports & Analysis

Findbusy offers proper analysis and creates final reports to figure out about the needs of customers and works accordingly for improved business growth.


A/B Testing, an important feature of email marketing

Now days A/B testing is a renowned feature to help course a successful email marketing campaign. Its main focus is on email templates, advertising schedule and subject lines. It is our goal to provide best services to our clients. So, a very effective A/B testing service is offered by our company.

Email Marketing

Conversion Optimization

Findbusy works on improving the landing pages on regular basis and we maintain a record about the performance of the targeted scenarios by examining the open, click and conversion ratio. We work according to our respected client’s prospects with different templates.


Easy to use interface

Choosing the right email marketing service that fits your needs is important for your's easy to go with different choices since there are number of email marketing solutions

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